4 November 2023: Jen+Ken are raising a musician

28 May 2022: Kentaro remembers his musical and literary influences

14 February 2022: Jen+Ken celebrate their first anniversary

16 October 2021:Jen+Ken plan their next move

15 August 2021: Jen+Ken have nothing to say

25 April 2021: Kentaro raps nonsense in three languages, with Amaury on the drums

14 February 2021: Jen+Ken get married and release a celebratory 80s-style funk record

11 December 2020: Jen+Ken consider their defining truths over a classy piano track

8 August 2020: Jen+Ken try to sing the pandemic away with a chilled-out pop single

7 August 2020: Jen hangs up on self-pitying exes, with lyrical support from Kentaro

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26 July 2020: Jen+Ken collaborate with A.R.T. to cover a Spice Girls classic, with a twist

23 July 2020: Jen+Ken use the horns and a double bass on this ode to Asian food

6 June 2020: Jen+Ken debate whether or not the "B" in "RBF" stands for "Boss" on their first collaboration

14 February 2020: Jen+Ken meet. Musical history is made.